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bob worker

Bob is a General Contractor and has 5 vehicles in his business name, Bob just traded his own use vehicle for a new 2021 Ford F150. AASSIX worked with Bob and registered his Company as a Fleet and received an Additional $4500 off his new truck

Jake is also a General Contractor with 7 Trucks and Vans in his Company name. Jake is eligible for additional Fleet allowance but his Dealership did not tell him about it therefore he paid $6500 more for his new 2021 Ford F150 than Bob paid, Jake is calling AASSIX next time!


Who is AASSIX?

AASSIX is a Manitoba owned and operated Vehicle Management organization specializing in Commercial Vehicle/Equipment acquisition, leasing and finance.

AASSIX has qualified and experienced advisors who form a comprehensive team specializing in handling small to medium business needs, AASSIX’s goal is to work with you to maximize your return and minimize the expense of running motor vehicles and equipment.

Your business is unique to you.
Your vehicles should be unique to your business.

Ultimate Flexibility

all makes and models

compact car AASSIX Vehicle Management

From Subcompact cars to Class 8 heavy duty trucks, our experts will delivery the best vehicles. 

AASSIX manages every process to ensure your vehicles are delivered to your specifications at the right price.

Silverado One Ton Truck | AASSIX

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