Becoming a Client

Working with a prairies company that listens to your needs and delivers a service is vital to your business success. AASSIX provides superior support and service at every step.

AASSIX believes that businesses today, more than ever cannot compromise on efficiencies, we know that our teams and systems will enable you to make informed decisions on your needs.

Step 1 – Leasing and Funding: An effective new business starts with the right lease. We will work with you to determine whether you need a traditional lease or something short-term, and determine the best funding option for your business.

Hand over the keys when you lease from Gateway Auto Finance
Financing and Leasing Leisure Trailers from AASSIX Vehicle Management

Step 2 – Products and Services: Once we have determined your leasing and funding arrangement, we want to make sure you have the products and services you need so your business runs as efficiently as possible. AASSIX provides OPTIONS AND SOLUTIONS for ensuring you keep your vehicles and equipment maintained and trouble free.

Step 3 – Factory Incentives: When you use AASSIX ‘s services, we will ensure that your purchase structure includes all additional factory and delivery incentives for which you may be eligible. 

AASSIX Vehicle Management work trucks

Specialized Professionals

Once you are confident AASSIX can work with you and save you money and time, you will be welcomed as a member of our team. You will also have a dedicated manager who is experienced and will introduce you to the greater benefits of working with AASSIX .

Our Policy:

Transparency:  AASSIX believes in consistent communication so our clients understand what has already been accomplished, what still needs to be done, and how to best manage your vehicle/equipment expenses.

Working together:  We take a consultative approach to provide an informative plan for your specific needs. 

Best in the Class and Built to Last

We look forward to a lasting business relationship with your company. Our highest priority at AASSIX is providing our clients customized and consistent vehicle solutions. 

We are here to work for you.

Call 866 320 2899 or click below and see what a client-focused, dedicated client service team can do for your fleet.

Buy Your New Vehicle Online

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Buy your next business vehicle 100% online. Get all your pricing in easy to read quotations, we will forward to you vehicle build sheets, technical specifications, payment options and service schedules. Complete everything from the comfort of your truck, office or home without ever having to visit a dealership. Home delivery within 1000 kilometres.