Vehicle Leasing vs Buying


Only Pay for the Portion of the Vehicle You Use

Lower Vehicle Acquisition Costs

Monthly Payment is Matched to Vehicle’s Market Value and Depreciation.

Flexible Leasing Terms

Short-Term/Pre-paid Leasing is an answer to urgent vehicle requirements for short period solutions.

Save on Fuel and Maintenance Costs

More Cash Flow Flexibility

More Control Over Vehicle renewal

Cost-Effective, Simple Way to Upgrade to Newer Models

Lessor Takes Care of Vehicle Disposal

More Control Over Vehicle Selection and Standardization


Pay for the Entire Cost  by Financing or in Cash

Requires Significant Capital to Acquire Vehicles

Monthly Payment is Not Typically Tied to Market Depreciation.

Inflexible Purchase Terms

Under-Utilized Vehicles Are Retained for Longer Periods and Can Be Difficult to Dispose

Establish Equity

More Budgeting and Forecasting Costs

Longer Lifecycles, Which Can Increase Non-Preventive Maintenance Costs

Vehicles Are Cycled Less Often Because of High Investment Costs

Owner Must Arrange for Vehicle Disposal

More Vehicle Variety, Resulting in Less Streamlined Operations

Visit Revenue Canada’s website to explore eligibility for claiming motor vehicle expenses. AASSIX will assist you with tips on how to maximize your vehicle tax deductions.

Try this quick checklist, most retail buyers do not know what they need, they know what they want! A child with a sore throat will want ice cream however they need medicine.  Business buyers know what they need, AASSIX ensures you get what you can depend on.

I always drive over 15,000 KM a year
No problem hitting 15,000 km
I like the security of driving a car under warranty.
No hidden costs
I love to see those car payments dwindle to nothing.
Car payments are a fact of life
I usually choose a car I can't afford
This might be me.
My current car is more than 4 years old
This might be me.
My company reimburses me for vehicle expenses.
If only...

Leasing a vehicle might be for you! Complete the Eligibility Assessment Form to see if you qualify.