Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Yes. Our team will arrange the delivery to you.

AASSIX oversees the entire end of lease process for you, including, market valuations, auction placement, wholesale opportunities, pricing and transfer of ownership. There are no fees on end of lease services.

AASSIX can organize approval within 4 hours provided all information/documentation required for approval is availableā€¦approval time is variable dependent upon manufacturer, bank or finance company current processing times.

AASSIX will organize market appraisals from Auction Houses, Dealerships and Wholesale Companies. If your vehicle is valued higher than your lease end buyout, you will receive a check for the equity.

If you need to extend the term on your vehicle, you have options! We offer month-to-month terms if you need to extend for a short period, or you also have the option to change your vehicle over to a long-term lease if you need a more permanent arrangement.

Most small and medium business owners are not aware that they may be entitled to Small Business Incentives from Manufacturers

The reason being that Dealers would prefer for you to buy at retail pricing to maximize their own profit centres.  

AASSIX will not only apply for your additional manufacturer Business incentives we will also prepare and submit the documentation required for approval.